Welcome to Bangalore Snooker  
We are one of the world class manufacturers of billiards/snooker/pool tables with & accessories, we thrive to provide products adhering to international standards. Our company uses seasoned imported & Indian woods to ensure long life & performance of products. Bangalore snooker, also known as Sm Enterprises being one of the leading manufacturer of snooker tables & specializes in producing world class cues that are available in different varieties such as single piece, double piece & there quarter& professional.
Bangalore snooker supplies tables cloth of superior quality & all the other accessories related to the game like balls,cues,rubber cushion,brush,brass adjester,brass railing, brass rest, brass spider, brass pocket, net pocket, brass hooks chalk, holders, tips,chalks,key chain,posters,bikkiard gloves, leather chalk holders, cue stands etc.Bangalore snooker also provides maintenance for both personal & club’s tables like refitting, stretching, reparing your damaged pocket or table. We have trained professionals fitter with have fitted table at KSBA & can give u the exact feel of international standards.